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  • • The mission of Guernik is to offer integral solutions of publicity (360º), Graphic, Multimedia / 3D, industrial design, visibility and decoration in all the national and international territory. In constant search of solutions through the innovation, and creativity.
  • • Vision
    Creator of notoriety. This principle guide me in all my decisions both strategic and operational. When I create a project we look for the way to generate the visibility that the brand wants, by adapting ourselves 100% to the brief and proposing new creative ways that allow my clients to make a difference in front of their competitors. I assure that the project is unique, different and succesful.
  • • Gaston Guernik
    I was born to satisfy a market, with innovative solutions of design, joining several specialties, the oldest and the most innovative ones, in a unique product thought from all points of view. Visibility, Function and strategy
  • • I work in industrial design, graphic design and Multimedia, with more than 9 years of experience offering customized solutions to a big client portfolio with more than 7 years of professional path in Spain, by the hand of succesfull design and publicity enterprises and more than 3 years in Argentina

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