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  • Marlboro

    Stand design, Selling unit

  • Schweppes

    Furniture design for discos, bars, restaurants and hotels para discotecas
    We have created a book with 25 diferent furniture elements as a brand manual to implement in Spain

  • Barra Schweppes

    Bar design

  • Ludic, Plastic stool with colors and playful forms
    Project in commercialization phase

  • Schweppes

    customizable backlit bar for horeca channel

  • Vintagium, vintage lamp
    Project in Commercialization phase
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  • Heineken, Bread and Butter

    Backlit bar design for Nudie Jeans Co

  • Schweppes

    Backslash and bar design for indoor and outdoor with backlit
    Personalización con gráfica diseñada especialmente para el mobiliario

  • Lírico, Estantería Vintage para Programa de Tv
    El Show de McKoy, The Music & Entertainment Fact

    Proyecto en fase de comercialización
    Consultar a

  • Palau de la Música Catalana

    Project design customized totems
    The proposed design integrate a screens with concert information screens
    Digital content management through servers

  • Sailor Jerry

    Design of costumed exhibitors for the brand with vintage style

  • Budweiser

    Exhibitor design with dedicate light

  • Cliente

    Pharmacy exhibitor design
    Branding design
    Exhibitors with backlighting display to differentiate their "neighbors"
    Digital screens to maximize the user experience, lower storage

  • Exible, Office adaptable furniture

    Project in Commercialization phase
    Adaptable furniture design
    Custom extensions as needed

  • Schweppes Tónica

    Luminaire design brand exposure for hotels and restaurants

  • Schweppes Spirit

    Luminaire design brand exposure for hotels, bars and restaurants

  • Ron Barceló

    Theme bottle rack backlit with enclosed area for product exposure

  • Cabreiroá, Agua premium

    Design of backlit displays and switchable graphics

  • Herbal, Leisure hangers design

    Project in Commercialization phase

  • Design of customized lamps
    Adaptable in width and height

    Project in Commercialization phase

  • Albero, Tree shelf

    Project in Commercialization phase

  • Ron Barceló Gran Platinum

    illuminated exhibitor design

  • Self made from a single plate, and digital printing

    Project in commercialization phase

  • Soul, Chaise Light

    Project in Commercialization phase

  • Schweppes

    Extensible wall
    Customize digital printing

  • Recton

    Urban furniture
    Project in Commercialization phase

  • Red Bull

    Exterior DJ table

  • Infiniti, Infinite lamp made ​​from plastic wood

    Urban furniture
    Project in Commercialization phase

  • Strongbow

    Merchandising and exhibitor design

  • 2 x 3

    Modular shelf design

  • Schweppes

    Modular Separator design with product exposure

  • Alas, low dining table

    Project in Commercialization phase

  • Dinamik, modular table

    Project in Commercialization phase

  • Schweppes, Spirit

    Furniture design

  • Estrella Galicia

    Totem Design for brand exposure

  • Heineken, Diseño de mesa de DJ

    Planet Rock discoteque

  • industrial design by Guernik

    Industrial design is a way to create objects that cover new needs, or redesign of existing objects seen from another point of view, these can be produced in series or even a smaller scale, from our point of view we try to give language, an aesthetic that communicates through forms. According to Wikipedia, also called Industrial design seeks to create or modify objects or ideas to make them useful, practical and visually appealing, with the intention of satisfy the needs of human beings, adapting objects and ideas not only in form but also in its function, its concept, its context and scale, seeking to achieve a final product innovator.

    Possibilities in Product design
    Furniture design, lighting and lamps design , bar design, mobile bars design, stand design, appliances design, design of displays, bottle rack design, shelves design, computer design, packaging design, cars and motorcycles design

    Some of our clients, Marlboro, Red bull , Schweppes, Heineken, Ron Barceló, Budweiser, Loreal, Cabreiroa, Estrella Galicia, Sailor Jerry, Poema s.l.


  • • The mission of Guernik is to offer integral solutions of publicity (360º), Graphic, Multimedia / 3D, industrial design, visibility and decoration in all the national and international territory. In constant search of solutions through the innovation, and creativity.
  • • Vision
    Creator of notoriety. This principle guide me in all my decisions both strategic and operational. When I create a project we look for the way to generate the visibility that the brand wants, by adapting ourselves 100% to the brief and proposing new creative ways that allow my clients to make a difference in front of their competitors. I assure that the project is unique, different and succesful.
  • • Gaston Guernik
    I was born to satisfy a market, with innovative solutions of design, joining several specialties, the oldest and the most innovative ones, in a unique product thought from all points of view. Visibility, Function and strategy
  • • I work in industrial design, graphic design and Multimedia, with more than 9 years of experience offering customized solutions to a big client portfolio with more than 7 years of professional path in Spain, by the hand of succesfull design and publicity enterprises and more than 3 years in Argentina

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