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  • Heineken, Icebar Barcelona

    Barcelona, Spain
    We intend to generate items related to ice
    Modeling, 3D Render for large format digital printing

  • Samsung

    Japanese indoor virtual representation
    idea, samsung sample items related to Eastern technology and precision
    Modeling, 3D Render for display space

  • El Triangle, The Music & Entertainment Fact

    Barcelona, Spain
    Thematic space design, representing the old Ramblas of Barcelona

  • Ron Barceló

    Bar and VIP area design
    Idea, 3D modeling and render

  • The Music & Entertainment Fact

    Stage 3D Render for a TV show, The Mc Koy show
    Renderg for space visualization

  • Heineken, Bar Xalupada

    Vinyl graphics on walls
    Renderg for space visualization

  • Nestle

    Representación de espacio para evento
    Modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering for space visualization

  • Mondia, The Music & Entertainment Fact

    Modeling, texturing and animation for TV
    TV animation clip

  • Chef of the Year Contest, The Music & Entertainment Fact

    Branding design
    Modeling, texturing and rendering for project presentation

  • Bombay Sapphire

    Virtual model representing Barcelona
    Model design
    Virtual model, three cameras animation

  • Lipton, The Music & Entertainment Fact

    Madrid, Sapin, Atocha train station
    3D Render for project presentation

  • Schwarzkopf, Imagina experiencias

    Madrid, Spain
    Modeling and render for Corte Inglés project presentation

  • Roche, The Music & Entertainment Fact

    Stage and enviroment 3D render
    Render fort presentetion, Space visualization


    Principality of Andorra
    Advertising Design

  • El Triangle, The Music & Entertainment Fact

    Barcelona, España
    Diseño para espacio temático representando espacio de fantasía

  • The Music & Entertainment Fact

    Stand design for shopping centers

  • El Triangle, The Music & Entertainment Fact

    Barcelona, Spain
    Design of a club themed space representing the 30´s

  • retail store

    Interior architectural representation
    Render 3D project visualization

  • Bodegas Ignacio Marín

    trade fair stand design
    3D Render for the project presentation

  • Mision 0402

    Tibidabo Park, Barcelona
    Thematic design for an exterior attraction
    Modeling, texturing, and collage for the project presentation

  • Diadermine, Imagina experiencias

    Madrid, Spain
    Corte Inglés proyect presentation, model and render

  • El Sistema,TV Show

    3D graphic presentation

  • Render, 3 Dimentions by Guernik

    The best way to represent ideas, referring to Industrial Design, Interior Design or Architecture are the Renders or 3D models, we believe it is an excellent and very reliable way of representing ideas, spaces and designs, where the client can see the idea almost real, this technique and the same software is used for films such as Toy History, Finding Nemo, Avatar, Ant, Cars, etc.. According to Wikipedia, are graphics that use a three-dimensional representation of geometric data that is stored in the computer for the purposes of performing calculations and rendering 2D images.

    3D render and infographics possibilities
    Virtual representations of space, animations, videos, renderings for project presentations , Architecture projects, and it is used for: interiors renders, exteriors renders, buildings renders, products renders, pets renders, packaging renders and general objects renders.

    Some of our clients, Heineken, Ron Barceló, Schwarskopf, EL show de Mckoy, Mondia, Cocinero del año, Lipton, Roche, Andorra free market, Entertainment fact, Mision 0402, Bodegas Ignacio Marín, Diadermine, El sistema (tv)


  • • The mission of Guernik is to offer integral solutions of publicity (360º), Graphic, Multimedia / 3D, industrial design, visibility and decoration in all the national and international territory. In constant search of solutions through the innovation, and creativity.
  • • Vision
    Creator of notoriety. This principle guide me in all my decisions both strategic and operational. When I create a project we look for the way to generate the visibility that the brand wants, by adapting ourselves 100% to the brief and proposing new creative ways that allow my clients to make a difference in front of their competitors. I assure that the project is unique, different and succesful.
  • • Gaston Guernik
    I was born to satisfy a market, with innovative solutions of design, joining several specialties, the oldest and the most innovative ones, in a unique product thought from all points of view. Visibility, Function and strategy
  • • I work in industrial design, graphic design and Multimedia, with more than 9 years of experience offering customized solutions to a big client portfolio with more than 7 years of professional path in Spain, by the hand of succesfull design and publicity enterprises and more than 3 years in Argentina

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